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If you wish to share your opinions, concerns or suggestions regarding the college’s privacy policy, please call us at 305-348-4903, or write us at FIU-Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work, 11200 SW 8 Street, Building AHC5, Room #505, Miami, FL 33199.

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A partial (50%) refund may be granted to the paying participant provided a written refund request is received by the Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work (the “college”) no later than 10 business days prior to the event’s date.

Partial refunds will not be granted after the 10th business day immediately preceding the event date or after the event date.


All products will be delivered electronically via email or a download link.


The college’s merchant account provider is CyberSource. As our payment gateway and third party e-commerce processing merchant, CyberSource, provides secure electronic access in processing your credit card information. To view CyberSource’s privacy policies, please visit their website at:


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Ticket Purchases:

Please contact Iliana Perez at or by phone at 305-348-4903.

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Please contact Iliana Perez at or by phone at 305-348-4903.


Please contact Iliana Perez at or by phone at 305-348-4903.

IT or Website Concerns:

Please contact William-Jose Velez by email at or by phone at 305-348-1640.

General Correspondence:

FIU RSCPHSW, 11200 SW 8 Street, AHC5 505, Miami, FL 33199.