The 2014 Path Awards nomination categories

The Path Awards provide recognition to individuals and organizations in public health, social work and dietetics and nutrition for their contributions and commitment to promoting and protecting the health of the South Florida community. Now in its eighth year, the Path Awards raises the community’s awareness and understanding of the contributions of those who work at the grassroots level to ensure the public’s health and the social welfare of residents. Since the event’s inception, 42 individuals have been honored for their exceptional work and contributions.

Award Categories:

  • Advocacy

    Recognizes an individual or group who advocate for public health and social welfare policies to improve population health, increase access to health, promote the social well-being, and seeks to ensure the rights of individuals.

  • Disease Prevention

    Recognizes an individual or group who works to prevent infectious and chronic diseases through research, surveillance, and/or behavioral change.

  • Environmental Health

    Recognizes an individual or group who works to protect and improve population health by addressing the health of the natural and built environment.

  • Innovation

    Recognizes an individual or group who develops innovative responses to emerging threats to public health and social well-being.

  • Social Wellbeing

    Recognizes an individual or group who seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities through research, policy changes, interventions, and education.

  • Young Professional of Promise

    Recognizes a young public health, nutrition, or social welfare professional who early in his/her career has made a significant contribution to the public health and social well-being of South Florida.